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这是商务演讲英语ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Introduction;Keywords;Keysentences;References;Trend analysis,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




Measuring the quality of hybrid opinion mining model for e-commerce application 信管X班 XXX A b s t r a c t With the rapid expansion of e-commerce over the decades, the growth of the user generated content in the form of reviews is enormous on the Web. A need to organize the e-commerce reviews arises to help users and organizations in making an informed decision about the products. Opinion mining systems based on machine learning approaches are used online to categorize the customer opinion into positive or negative reviews. Different from previous approaches that employed single rule based or statistical techniques, we propose a hybrid machine learning approach built under the framework of combination (ensemble) of classifiers with principal component analysis (PCA) as a feature reduction technique. This paper introduces two hybrid models, i.e. PCA with bagging and PCA with Bayesian boosting models for feature based opinion classification of product reviews. The results are compared with two individual classifier models based on statistical learning i.e. logistic regression (LR) and support vector machine (SVM). We found that hybrid methods do better in terms of four quality measures like misclassification rate Article introduction Article introduction Key-word Key-sentence E-commerce has attracted more and more people to buy and sell products online, customer reviews that describe experiences with product and services are becoming more important in decision making. 电子商务已经吸引越来越多的人在线购买商品,描述商品和优信购彩服务 的评论在消费者做出购买决定时变得越来越重要。 Key-sentence Principal components analysis (PCA) is the widely used statistical method to reduce the dimension of feature set. 主成分分析法是一种被广泛使用的统计优信购彩方法 ,以减少特征集的维数。 References


智能家居演讲ppt模板:这是智能家居演讲ppt模板优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了优信购彩产品 介绍-智能遥控开关;优信购彩组织 结构和系统原理;发射和编码电路;接收和解码电路;外围电路;优信购彩公司 战略;融资方案,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
房产销售经验演讲ppt模板:这是房产销售经验演讲ppt模板优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了房地产基本概念;房地产类型及年限; 房地产专业名词;售楼部接待流程,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
美术演讲ppt:这是美术演讲ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了文艺复兴;大卫的风采;最后的审判,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




  • 商务演讲英语ppt

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  • 商务演讲英语ppt




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