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这是足球介绍英语ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Football development;Football Charm;Football player,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




The most exciting sport in the world --------football Ancient football Almost all us know the Britain is the hometown of the modern football. In the 11th century, some soldiers and poor workers began to play a kind of sport by kicking a ball filled with fur and leather. soon, this sport ,called football, became famous all around the Europe. Today, football is the most popular sport in the world. More than 40 billion people around Europe, America and Africa play football. People watch football games, talk about football players and enjoy playing football matches. Football is not only a kind of sport but also a part of our daily life. Even some famous people love football and play it The charm of football Competitive Football is a competitive antagonism (对立的)project. Each player wants to beat their opponents,so they will try their best in the field,优信购彩Win the championship and enjoy the joy of victory Unpredictable (adj.不定的) The chance(可能性) of football match results is the important reason that so many people love football game in the world the outcome(结果) of each football match is difficult to predict, everything is possible Passion More and more people like watching football matches. They can‘t sleep or eat when their teams are playing.They shout for their players,and they Cheer for the players and Their teams There also are many female fans.and most of them are attracted by the handsome football players. Famous football player Sometimes, football is violent. sometimes, football can be complicated (难懂的). But no matter how it transfers(变换) , it still makes people believe themselves and helps people achieve their dreams. The most important part is that football will be a part of our life forever That’s all Thank you


足球优信购彩培训 课件:这是足球优信购彩培训 课件优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了足球竞赛规则所遵循的基本原则;比赛场地;各条界线的作用;球;队员人数;队员装备;裁判员;助理裁判员;比赛时间;比赛开始和重新开始;比赛进行及死球;计胜优信购彩方法 ,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
幼儿园足球训练基础知识PPT课件:这是幼儿园足球训练基础知识PPT课件优信购彩下载 ,主要包含了足球的起源,规则介绍:比賽用球,场地,优信购彩你 能画一画足球场地吗,人数,黃牌,红牌,罚扔判殴翰饰 馇颍奔洌邮比嘈停闱颍澜缤馇颍孛旁狈⑶颍轿坏龋队慊饔判殴翰氏略 。
足球ppt英语:这是足球ppt英语优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了football;football fans;football player;stadium;some sayings of football;about Chinese football,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




  • 足球介绍英语ppt

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  • 足球介绍英语ppt




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