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这是英语电影发展史ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了The sound era;These are posters of the Jazz singer;Creative impact of sound;The color film;Ww2 and its aftermath,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




History of film 1927-1945 The development era At this time ,films got sound and color. Film became mature as a kind of art. People used the new technology to make films more perfectly. The sound era During late 1927, Warners released The Jazz Singer, which was mostly silent but contained what is generally regarded as the first synchronized dialogue (and singing) in a feature film These are posters of the Jazz singer. The change was remarkably swift. By the end of 1929, Hollywood was almost all-talkie, with several competing sound systems Sound films emphasized on black history and benefited different genres more so than silents did. Creative impact of sound Sound films emphasized on black history and benefited different genres more so than silents did. Most obviously, the musical film was born the first classic-style Hollywood musical was The Broadway Melody (1929). At this time, American gangster films like Little Caesar and Wellman's The Public Enemy (both 1931) became popular. The color film In 1935, Rouben Mamoulian derected Vaanity Fair, the first color movie in the world. Ww2 and its aftermath The desire for wartime propaganda created a renaissance in the film industry in Britain, with realistic war dramas like 49th Parallel (1941), Went the Day Well? (1942), The Way Ahead (1944) The onset of US involvement in World War II also brought a proliferation of films as both patriotism and propaganda. The strictures of wartime also brought an interest in more fantastical subjects. These included Britain's Gainsborough melodramas (including The Man in Grey and The Wicked Lady)


英语演讲ppt电影:这是英语演讲ppt电影优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Tour Movie World;Action movie,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
英国电影英语介绍ppt:这是英国电影英语介绍ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了FLIPPED怦然心动;Plot;Appreciate some pictures,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
优信购彩关于 电影的英语ppt介绍:这是优信购彩关于 电影的英语ppt介绍优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Shawshank Redemption;classic lines;Forrest Gump;Gone with The 优信购彩Win d;TITANIC,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




  • 英语电影发展史ppt

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  • 英语电影发展史ppt




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