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这是二战ppt英语优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Passive Influence;Post-attack casualties;The victim;Cold War,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。




张帆 Passive Influence World War Two cost more than thirty-six million lives. Millions were left homeless. First time new clear weapon used. Nazi Germany had attempted racial extermination of the Jews. Six millions of Jews died. Germany was divided into four quadrants, which were controlled by the Allied Powers — the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union — and itself was one of the survivors. the division of Korea and later of Vietnam. During World War II 85% of buildings in Warsaw were destroyed by German troops. At the end of the war, millions of refugees were homeless, the European economy had collapsed, and most of the European industrial infrastructure was destroyed. Post-attack casualties Caused more than 102,210,000 people died the Allies demanded the political leadership to be prosecuted in “war-responsibility trials.” The immense destruction wrought over the course of the war caused a sharp decline in the influence of the great powers. After the war, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States both became formidable forces. The U.S. suffered very little during the war and because of military and industrial exports became a formidable manufacturing power. This led to a period of wealth and prosperity for the U.S. in the fields of industry, agriculture and technology. THANK YOU


二战ppt课件英文版:这是二战ppt课件英文版优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了causes;process;influence,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
二战英语ppt:这是二战英语ppt优信购彩下载 ,主要介绍了Assignment;Introduction;World War Two;Procedure;Conclusion,欢迎点击优信购彩下载 。
二战风云优信购彩:二战风云优信购彩这是一个二战风云ppt模板适用于拓展训练设计应用。设计是把一种计划、规划、设想通过某种形式传达出来的活动过程。人类通过劳动改造世界,创造文明,创造物质财富和精神财富,而最基础、最主要的创造活动是造物。设计便是造物活动进行预先的计划,可以把任何造物活动的计划优信购彩技术 和计划过程理解为设计。




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  • 二战ppt英语




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